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Circuit Board Repair

All of our circuit board work is done in house by our knowledgeable staff. Here is a sample of some our circuit board work (click on pictures for more details):

We were contacted by a person who had recently bought an Indiana Jones pinball machine from eBay. When they received the game, they noticed that the game would reset any time both flippers were pressed at the same time. Although this is a common problem, we were surpised when we opened up the machine and saw some of the repairs that had been done to the board by one of the previous owners:

There are several issues with the board. Someone with very little experience worked on this board in the past and ended up damaging the board in several ways.

The wrong type of bridge rectifiers are used here. These should have wire leads and be soldered directly to the board. They are also not rated high enough for use on this board which is one of the reasons the game is resetting.

Wires were soldered directly to the pins of the board. The connectors inside the game should have been replaced instead of soldering them directly to the board itself.

As you can see, damage was done to some of the traces on the back side of the circuit board because a much too thick gauge of wire was shoved through the board.

Here is the board with the bridge rectifiers removed. One of the associated capacitors (black, cylindar shaped components) was removed as well so it could be replaced.

The header pins that had wires directly attached to them where removed so they could be replaced.

This connector should be replaced as well. This is were the power comes in from the transformer and should be replaced to ensure reliability.

Here is the board after the repairs were completed.

The bridge rectifiers were replaced with 35 amp 400 volt components -- these components are better than what originally came with the game. Notice the wire leads from these components are properly soldered to the circuit board. The heat sink was also split in two to make future repairs more manageable. The associated capacitor (blue cylinder in the background) was also replaced since it most likely is failing as well.

New male header pins (black) are installed replacing the old ones that had the wires soldered directly to them.

Wire traces were installed to repair the damaged traces and ensure reliability. This board will work reliably for years to come.

Inside the game, the wires that were soldered directly to the board were crimped with new pins and installed in new connectors.

The power connector was also rebuilt. After the repairs, the board was installed in the game and checked to make sure all of the proper voltages were received and sent by the board. The board passed all tests.


The board was installed back into the customer's Indiana Jones and it has been rock solid with no resets. You can beat on both flippers and Indy keeps playing!

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